Hydrographic Surveying

Providing clients with accurate information

Accurate measurement of underwater soil conditions, quantities of material in place and removed are essential elements to control during any dredging works or capital project. Harbour Development employees have the tools that are necessary to ensure that high quality checks and balances are always in place. Trained staff combined with the recent additions of state-of-the-art hydrographic software packages; echo sounding equipment and DGPS systems, provide a level of quality control and assurance that our customers have come to expect.

In dredging, accurate representation of existing bottom conditions make certain that methods and resources are used effectively to maximize efficiency and produce the best possible final results. Harbour Development employs the use of computer aided drafting (CAD) software, topographic and hydrographic software packages, combined with leading edge Differential GPS (DGPS) and conventional total station surveys, to provide single source data acquisition for our clients. Our clients demand quality workmanship on time and on budget and we have developed significant expertise in all aspects of hydrographic surveying, and are committed to providing the client with the most accurate information available.