Dredging is at the heart of what Harbour Development does best. Harbour Development operates some of the largest and most capable dredging equipment in Eastern Canada. Our equipment and highly skilled personnel have successfully tackled some of the most demanding dredging projects in Canada. We have succeeded to produce quality results in tough Maritime conditions, where many of our competitors have never been able to compete.

Our strengths lie in our ability to accurately dredge difficult bottoms in harsh Maritime conditions and within demanding timeframes. Difficult bottom conditions and challenging working conditions are the norm in the Eastern Canadian dredging industry, and that's why we employ a wide array of dredging equipment and attachments to ensure that the work gets done.

Harbour Development uses dredges with cranes ranging in capacities of up to 200 tons, and clamshell buckets ranging in size from 4 yard heavy duty buckets for difficult bottom conditions, all the way up to 17 yard Cable Arm environmental buckets for use in soft sediments. Whatever your dredging project entails, Harbour Development has the expertise and the tools necessary to successfully achieve the results that you are looking for.