With the worldwide move towards larger and more cost effective ships, ports have found themselves with a need to improve the depth of water in and around their harbours and berths. Never has there been a more pressing need to undertake both maintenance and capital dredging projects to ensure economic viability within Canadian ports. Harbour Development recognizes the need for ports to engage the global market and attract shipping companies to their perspective ports of call. One major component in attracting new port investment is through facility improvement. 

Harbour Development has gained superior expertise in both maintenance and capital dredging projects. We can put experienced manpower and highly productive equipment on scene quickly wherever our clients need us. We have undertaken capital dredging projects as far North as Churchill Manitoba, and have also accomplished maintenance projects closer to home where several hundred thousand cubic meters of material were successfully removed.

We have the experience and professionalism to work in congested waterways, in and around active shipping terminals with a minimum of disruption to the shipping activities that are typically ongoing during dredging projects. We also have the capability to work on very large and complex engineering projects such as the 13.8 kilometer Confederation Bridge project which links the province of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. We also have the know-how and equipment to undertake Geo-technical investigation and tug and barge work throughout the East Coast of Canada and beyond.