Saint Lawrence Seaway

Harbour Development completed maintenance dredging operations in 2006 for the Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. The project involved the removal and safe disposal of infill from within three zones of the navigational channel located between the Saint-Lambert Lock (Lock N° 1) and Cote Saint-Catherine Lock (Lock N° 2), Quebec.

This particular job posed some interesting challenges to Harbour Development, not the least of which was the location of the works. The South Shore Canal, where the work was to be completed, is located nearly one thousand (1000) nautical miles from Harbour Development's home base in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Harbour Development's dredge D6 was tasked along with the five hundred (500) cubic yard scow HD 8, and the single screw tugboat Irving Chestnut.

Both the Dredge D6 and the tugboat Irving Chestnut were extensively modified and upgraded for the project including the addition of an approved Automatic Identification System (AIS) to comply with Seaway regulations and to aid in safe operation and navigation in the often congested waters of the seaway canal. Also upgraded were the Navigational and dredge positioning equipment, as well, upgrades were made to the hydraulic spud motors and the spuds themselves, and extensive service and modifications were performed to the dredge crane and the electrical systems onboard.

This project dictates that the dredge D6 and its related support equipment, be operational on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week schedule in order to maximize dredging operations and cover the large dredge area quickly and effectively. This is made more challenging by the limited navigational depth of water found between the dredge area and the spoil disposal site several kilometers away, and by the heavy volume of shipping encountered during the works. The project was started in late August 2006 and completed to the satisfaction of the client in Early November 2006. Harbour Development was pleased to have provided both a satisfied client and a zero accident/incident record during the execution of this project.