Sable Offshore Energy Project

In the fall of 1998 Harbour Development was selected by the Swiss based firm Allseas to provide Landfall Installation Services in support of the Sable Offshore Energy Project (S.O.E.P.). The Sable project is a multi-Billion dollar project to extract Natural gas from the production fields off of Sable Island, and pipe it to shore through approximately 175 kilometres of 26" pipeline. 

Once onshore, the gas would be treated, and routed to markets in Eastern Canada and New England. The project undertaken by Harbour Development and our Joint Venture Company HAM (Netherlands) was in part to create the protective trench that would cover the pipeline near shore, and to support the winch installation and pulling of the 26" pipe from the world's largest pipe laying vessel Solitaire.

Harbour Development used a dipper dredge, her split hopper barge HD8 and several support tugs to complete the works. The dredging of the trench represented very difficult dredging through Glacial Till, Boulders and at times, Bedrock and in very difficult weather conditions. Harbour Development employed the dipper dredges unique ability to dig through difficult material using its 6 cubic yard dipper bucket. The dredge can utilize this dipper stick and bucket to dredge very difficult materials at greater depth more effectively than is possible with conventional excavator or clamshell techniques

Finally, in the summer of 1999, Harbour Development assisted with the winch support installation, pull in of the 26" pipeline, and backfill protective cover on the pipeline. Within several months, gas began to flow to market, a fact that continues to this day, which results in millions of dollars of resource revenue for the province of Nova Scotia.