Halifax Port Authority

Capital dredging Pier 41 and 42 - Halifax Port Authority

Harbour Development completed dredging operations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Harbour Development was contracted by the Port of Halifax to deepen Pier 41 and 42 (Ocean terminals) to 16.0 Meters (Chart Datum). The project involved the removal and land based disposal of approximately 10,000 cubic meters of material. The nature of the material removed was hard packed till, rock and minor areas of silt and debris.

Harbour Development mobilized the dredge Cranemaster, tugboat Swellmaster, and two, one thousand yard split hull dump scows, HD 6 and HD 7 for use in this project. The two dump scows were welded shut and the hopper bottoms were lined with a layer of geo textile fabric that was re-enforced with ½" rubber to ensure that no contaminated dredge spoil was released into the harbour during operations.

Harbour Development demonstrated our unique capacity to dredge very difficult bottom material quickly and effectively, and with no interference to ship traffic at the container terminals. Harbour Development was challenged by the difficult nature of the dredging itself, and also with coordinating the movement of equipment at the dredging site and at the Fairview Cove container terminal located several miles away, where the dredge spoil was unloaded and trucked to a disposal site onshore. Harbour Development worked 24 hours a day for approximately two months and the project was completed in December 2006.