Boyne's Cove New Brunswick

In the winter of 2008, Harbour Development began dredging in the small fishing community of Boyne's Cove New Brunswick. Boyne's Cove is located approximately 40 kilometers from the Port of Saint John and it primarily supports the lobster fishery. 

Twice daily, Boyne's Cove is subject to nearly 8 meters of tide variation. Many regions of the 25000 square meter dredge area were so shallow at low tide that the dredge Shovelmaster and her support tug Atlantic Tamarack were unable to float there and needed to be moved offsite temporarily. Shovelmaster had to literally dig her way into the harbour to access the whole site. Another challenge was that the first 60 centimeters of dredge material was contaminated and would need to be dug using our 17 cubic yard Cable Arm Environmental Bucket and deposited offshore and capped with clean material after. The Cable Arm bucket is used in soft silts and soils to remove a very level cut from the bottom while minimizing sediment re-suspension through the water column. 

Shovelmaster installed a large conventional clamshell bucket to complete dredging of the harder underlying clean material for use as capping material at the dumpsite. This dredging job was completed in February 2008 leaving Boyne's Cove with a sheltered wharf and turning basin that can be accessed by the local fisherman and the marine community regardless of tide.