A safe work environment is created and maintained by employees and management who care. At Harbour Development, management and workers alike have helped to create a culture of safety. Our primary goal is an accident free workplace. Managers, Supervisors, and workers all have a role to play in the creation of a zero accident environment. At Harbour Development, years of expertise, safety training, and use of proper procedures help reduce the likely hood of accidents. 

Harbour Development has created a Health and Safety plan for our employees to follow in order to help reduce the likelihood and severity of work related injuries. All of our employees are bound by our Health and Safety Plan and we use it as a framework to work within. The importance of job procedures, training, incident investigation, and company rules has not been missed by management and workers. We pride ourselves on conducting regular safety drills, JOHS committee meetings, weekly toolbox talks, hazard assessments and critical task inventories. Taking safety seriously is everyone's business, and at Harbour Development, nothing could be of more importance.